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Department of International Realtions

The Department of International Relations is responsible for all international activities of the University, including:

  • Establishing cooperation with foreign universities, scientific research institutions, international organizations and ensure the sustainability of existing cooperation. Planning and implementation of joint projects and events with the same institutions;
  • Joining strategically important international associations, managing membership, receive event information and disseminate it among stakeholders; Participation in events planned by them;
  • Managing international projects, including Erasmus +, communicating with existing partners Erasmus + and / or others. Promoting and administering programs to support academic and administrative staff (internships, joint international studies, credit mobility, etc.) within the framework of the joint project;
  • Participation in the internationalization of study programs;
  • Identifying potential international program partners, managing the Visiting Professors program with partner universities, planning and implementing their visit with relevant faculties;
  • Administering Student Exchange Programs - Communicating with existing partners about exchange programs, managing international student mobility promotions, and finding new partners for the same purpose. (Organizing the determination of language competence).

Head of the Department: Maka Kuchava

Chief Specialist: Salome Korkotadze


Tel: (+995) 032 2 90 00 00 - 11