SEU - Georgian National University

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Strategy and Goals

The main goal of the scientific-research strategy of Georgian National University SEU is to deepen the research conducted at the institutional level with a positive impact not only on Georgian National University SEU, but also on the economic and social development of Georgia in general.

The major precondition for SEU to become one of the leading higher education institutions in the country is the deepening of research activities, strategic reinforcement and diversity.

Georgian National University SEU predominantly supports inter-disciplinary, multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research designed to make a significant contribution to addressing national and international challenges. The research activities led by SEU are anticipated to have a significant impact on a variety of contexts, including public policy, law, socio-economic, cultural or environmental outcomes.

The research activities of Georgian National University SEU should become an integral part of the overall institutional activities. These activities aim to make optimal use of research for the economic and social development of Georgia. The expansion of strategically designed research activities envisages the involvement of academic staff and students in the international extent - their active participation in international research projects and mobility projects.

Georgian National University SEU will continuously improve the institutional research system. The practical implementation of a high scientific culture and a consistent process will increase the productivity of university research, thus SEU, in turn, aims to serve the scientific community, the economy and society in general.

Research Strategy Plan 2020-2026

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