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Constitutional Adjudication

The book titled “Constitutional Adjudication” has been published both in print and electronic versions. The scientific editor of the book is Anna Phirtskhalashvili. The authors are Besik Loladze, Zurab Macharadze and Anna Phirtskhalashvili.

The book is compiled in the way to enable the student to study the field of constitutional adjudication in a consistent and systematic way. It is designed not only for students, but also for professors working in the field, scientists, practicing lawyers and others interested in constitutional adjudication.

The book was made possible to be compiled at the Faculty of Law of Georgian National University SEU, with the support of the SEU Research Grant, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Promoting Rule of Law in Georgia (PROLoG) program of the East-West Management Institute. The book is also supported by the Constitutional Court of Georgia. The book was published under the state scientific grant (Nr: SP-21-989) of LEPL Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Foundation of Georgia. 

Constitutional Adjudication

SEU publishes collection of articles with partner universities in Madrid

In active collaboration with SEU and partner universities, a collection of articles entitled ‘EU-Asia Relations IN THE XXI Century. Selected Aspects’ was published in Madrid.

The publication includes important entries from the ‘Third International Scientific Online Congress’ co-organized by SEU, Lazarski University, and Spanish National University of Distance Education and the University of Madrid (CEDEU). One of the editors of the publication is SEU Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, Professor Ana Pirtskhalashvili.

The collection of articles contains the works of researchers from leading European universities, including the ones by the SEU academic staff: Rusudan Beriashvili / Goderdzi Buchashvili, Giorgi Kharshiladze, Paata Shurghaia.

The collection of articles provides the following publications:

  • TOMASZ GRZEGORZ GROSSE (WARSAW UNIVERSITY): European Union policy towards China


  • SOTO SAINZ (UCM-ICCA): The European Union strategy towards China to cement a common foreign policy: an analysis of their interactions and their voting behaviours at the United Nations

  • JULIO GUINEA BONILLO (URJC): The European DefenceCommunity: a project for the XXI century

  • SERGIO GARCIA MAGARINO (UPNA): The appeal of China: the interplay amongst the economy, values and soft power

  • GIORGI KHARSHILADZE (SEU): Formation opportunities of Silk Road in XXI century: new chance for Europe and Asia

  • SERGIO LUQUE ORTIZ (UEMC): The EU and the challenge of new technologies

  • MIGUEL ANGEL TENAS ALOS (CEDEU-URJC; USJ): Protective measures for automotive design: comparison between Chinese and European regulations

  • RUSUDAN BERIASHVILI (SEU)-GODERDZI BUCHASHVILI: Analyse of European and Asian wine markets and challenges Georgian wine faced during pandemic


  • PUENTE REGIDOR (UCM): Eurasian Economic Union: the development of an integration project

  • GURANDA CHELIDZE (CAUCASUS UNIVERSITY): EU and China – about one of the recent events

  • MARTIN DAHL (LAZARSKI UNIVERSITY): Cooperation between European Union and China in the implementation of the concept of sustainable development from the perspective of ordoliberalism

  • CARLOS URIARTE SANCHEZ (URJC): European Union and China relations: between a strategic autonomy based on values and a necessary global agenda of shared interests

  • ZBYSŁAW ZIEMACKI (LAZARSKI UNIVERSITY): The impact of the Belt and Roads Initiative on Polish Chinese economic relations

  • PAATA SHURGAIA (SEU): Free economic zones as a trade bridge between East and West: a case of Georgia

  • KAROL STRZAŁA (LAZARSKI UNIVERSITY): Central bank digital currencies – the future of money?

  • CARMEN MARTINEZ SAN MILLAN (UVA): The crash between European Union law and the memorandums of understanding within the Belt and Road Initiative