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A book “Personality, Society, Counseling” by Nodar Sarjveladze

The book was created on the basis of a project that aimed to turn the author's concept of personality, society, and counselling into a platform on which a series of socio-psychological research on personality will be conducted over years by SEU students and graduates. The author regards the interaction of the individual with society and oneself to be determining a basic provision of personal essence and the process of its formation. Therefore, the author logically believes that the social psychology of a person is a field that allows us to better understand the various possible facets of the person, his potential abilities and his behaviours both in real and virtual life situations.

"Covid-19: Challenges, New Global and European Social Order” by Giorgi Beriashvili, Markus Gabriel, Davit Gurgenidze

This collection is an analysis of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis both globally and across Georgia. The collection presents the visions of leading European, American, and Georgian scholars on the modern world community and its development perspectives. Although at first glance, this crisis seems to be caused by a medical epidemiological problem, its consequences have affected the society so deeply and comprehensively that it has virtually left no living space (social, political, economic, cultural, ecological) to be unstirred. Unlike other types of crises that are numerous throughout human history, the Corona Crisis has taken on a truly global character. During the preparation of this collection, intensive collaboration was carried out between German and Georgian scientists. The collection is not only a translation of prominent European and American scholars, interviews and opinions on the crisis, but also the opinions of Georgian scholars.

“Some Issues of Sentencing (Case Law Analysis)” by Ioseb Vardzelashvili

Sentencing as well as crime is one of the equally topical issues in criminal dogma and case law. The issue of sentencing is especially important in court practice. The present paper deals with the problem of sentencing. It is especially noteworthy that the paper concerns only with the generalization of case law. The paper discusses important issues, such as deficiencies identified in the imposition of fines and house arrest, issues in aggravating and mitigating circumstances of the sentence, recidivism in sentencing, a combination of offences in the appointment of sentences, problems in sentencing, etc. Ioseb Vardzelashvili has selected only those cases where shortcomings have been identified and the ones deserving more attention. It is also interesting that the generalization of sentencing practices has never been the subject of in-depth research by our criminologists. Accordingly, this paper is the first attempt to analyze the existing case law regarding sentences. The present article is mainly intended for judges, as it addresses the shortcomings of the case law. However, it should be noted that the paper will be important in the process of university education, especially at the Master's level, mainly covering practical aspects.
სასჯელის დანიშვნის ზოგიერთი საკითხი (სასამართლო პრაქტიკის ანალიზი)