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About SEU


The mission of Georgian National University SEU

Georgian National University SEU's mission is to create an internationally standard-compliant university environment that by combining strong theoretical, practical, and research components in a study process and through internationalization strategy, it will prepare competent professionals in national and international markets. SEU provides a multi-faceted development of personality and forming socially responsible professional with general values.

SEU for the implementation of its mission in conformity with modern European educational standards provides: 

Academic freedom Freedom of choice and opportunities Critical thinking Realizing responsibility of their own deeds Encouragement of success Enhancement of personal opportunities

Educational services in  SEU are provided:

  • Offering the knowledge of the modern challenges;
  • By creating favorable conditions for students with disabilities
  • Encouraging the mobility of students and academic staff;
  • In collaboration with Georgian and foreign higher institutions;
  • Providing prospects for graduates to perform important role in national and international level;

The University conducts its educational activities in academic directions of business administration, social sciences, medicine, law and education.