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About SEU


Academic vision of the University is based on: the University, as  the first educational scientific and cultural platform of adult, University education, as a platform of professional and scientific activities, University environment as the platform of personal realization, University services as the support of youth and understanding the unity of platform development  and  development in ensemble. 

The ways of implementation:

Open and developing collaboration with social partners.

Development of University Education:

Flexible and student-oriented educational programs on the bias of job market recent actual achievements tailored to the best academic experience and sharing main streams of European educational experience.

The ways of realization:

Offering the most actual programmes for work and educational market

Constant development of programmes
Encouragement of mobility

Full or co-funding of international educational programs and academic courses

Orienting on Students’ needs, encouraging academic or professional aims

Creating optimum bias for students to realize their potential in desirable educational direction or in direction of professional up-grading together with studies at the university.

Ways of Realization

  • Provide every student with the flexible opportunity of:
  • choosing any academic course, hours and groups to study. 
  • Mastering the second profession on any BA level program
  • Take a branch specialization in any program
  • Learning more than one foreign language 
  • Passing a desirable academic course in a module within the free credits

Professional skills developing courses are included in every program and fully indentured by the university

The university setting development

All and every student’s needs are to be oriented on:

international standards of multiphasic learning setting in the historical center of the capital of 55000 sq/km scale:

  • making the best teaching infrastructure
  • Implementing modern educational technologies 
  • Providing fully-adaptable environment 
  • Creating conditions for healthy living style 
  • Providing students with Students’ Dormitory 
  • Building recreational and cultural zones in the campus

Development of the university services and encouraging the initiatives:

Involving students in the university sport, creative, cultural and research projects

Supporting students’ initiatives

The ways of Realization

Providing every student with:

  • funding of studies
  • funding of sport activities and its organizational issues
  • funding of cultural activities and its organizational issues
  • funding students’ research and intellectual projects
  • funding participation in social projects