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About SEU


The purpose of accreditation is to establish the systematic self-assessment of educational institutions and promote the development of quality assurance mechanisms in order to increase the quality of education, to define the compatibility of educational institutions and educational programs with the standards of accreditation.

The accreditation of educational programs of higher education institutions of Georgia is carried out by the Legal Entity of Public Law - National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement established by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

All Programs of National University of Georgia (SEU) are accredited and funded by the state grant.

BA Program of Management

BA Program of Finance

BA program of Tourism

BA program of business accreditation

BA program of psychology

BA program of journalism

BA program of the English Philology

BA program of the International Relations

BA program of Law

MA program of Law

MA program on Educational Management

MA program of Human Resources

MA program of Sociological Psychology

MA program of the Banking