SEU - Georgian National University

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Goals of the SEU Alumni Club
Basic Goals of the Club are:

  • Establishment and strengthening the connection between the University graduates and students;
  • Unify graduates' efforts to prove the position of the University;
  • Supporting graduates in strengthening their social status and achieve success in various areas of activity

Directions of Club activities:

  • Develop and strengthen the graduate support system;
  • Establish and strengthen university ties with the organizations and enterprises and institutions where graduates work;
  • Participation in graduates' recruitment according to their competences;
  • Conducting thematic meetings with graduates, professors, teachers and students;
  • Organize charitable activities;
  • Dissemination of information regarding the Club's activities and planned events;
  • Achieving the Club's public recognition.

Club Membership
The member of the Club is the graduate of Georgian National University SEU who recognizes the given Charter and participates in Club's activities.

Membership of the Club is voluntary and starts with the decision of the Club Council based on the written request of the graduate.

Members of the Club have equal rights and obligations.

Club member has the right to:

  • Take part in any activity of the Club;
  • Submit a proposal regarding any activity of the Club;
  • Participate in the meetings of the club to discuss all the issues in accordance with the regulations adopted by the Council;
  • Apply to the club for the protection of its interests;

Club Supervisory Bodies
The work of the Club is supervised by:

  • General meeting of Club members;
  • lub Chairman.

Only the members of the Club can be elected to its supervisory bodies.
Chair of Club Board:

  • Manages the Club's activities;
  • Represents the Club in the state, and in other unions of citizens;
  • Performs the functions defined by the goals and objectives of the Club.