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Study process

Choose the minor program


The additional (Minor) Program is a 60-credit program of the undergraduate program (except for Law Bachelor's Program), which aims to simultaneously master the secondary (additional) speciality, during the Bachelor's Degree Program.

The student is able to choose additional (Minor) program from the additional (Minor) Programs offered by the University if student’s program structure envisages choosing an additional (Minor) program.

Student is able to choose other courses offered by the University instead of choosing additional (Minor) program, in accordance with their own choice, compulsory or / and selective disciplines existing within the framework of the optional or other educational program envisaged by the program of foreign languages, free credit, free credit, in accordance with the appropriate prerequisites for studying the study course.

 Students can be registered for additional (Minor) electronically from the fourth studying semester during the academic registration period.

The student can change the additional (Minor) program if the number of studying courses credits of the additional program and remaining free credits for additional courses will allow for 60 credits in the course of the new additional specialty program.

The student is entitled to refuse on an additional (Minor) program. In this case, the student will pass the number of credits envisaged for this program, according to its choice, from the foreign language block, free credit, additional optional or other compulsory or / and selective studying disciplines within the framework of the educational program, in compliance with the appropriate prerequisites for studying the study course.

In case of refusal to study the Minor Program, the student's studied courses will be recognized as free credits.