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03 May

On May 3, 2020, at the initiative of Medicine School of the Georgian National University SEU, an online panel discussion was held on the topic: "Monitoring and Management of COVID 19".

The doctors from leading clinics of the United States, Germany and Georgia, participated in the discussion. Mr Anzor Chomakhidze, a physician of intensive care, an anesthesiologist and an invited lecturer at the Georgian National University SEU, moderated the discussion.

The aim of the discussion was to share Georgian, as well as European and American experiences and recommendations on the most pressing issues of the current pandemic.

meeting lasted for 4 hours via Facebook Live on the official website of the University ( Up to 15,000 Facebook users attended the panel discussion and important issues were discussed such as artificial ventilation, antibiotic therapy, anticoagulation, fluid balance during COVID 19, Coronavirus Anatomy and its genome, major research medications, clinical research Phases, the latest research on pandemics and basic principles of treatment and therapeutic methods.

In the panel discussion participated:

  • Anzor Chomakhidze
    Intensive care physician-anesthesiologist
    Joe Ann Medical Center
    Invited Lecturer at the Georgian National University – SEU

  • Tamar Zhamurashvili
    Physician Pulmonologist
    The Charité University Clinic, Berlin

  • Bidzina Kulumbegov
    Head of Development Department of Clinical Center for Allergy and Immunology

  • Mamuka Machaidze
    John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, USA

  • Vakho Kaloyan
    Physician Anesthesiologist-Resuscitator,
    Head of Critical Medicine
    New Hospitals

  • Nana Gegechkori
    Resident at Maimonides hospital, New York 

  • Maia Kheladze
    Doctor Cardiologist
    Clinical Manager of Sachkhere Medical Center

  • Eka Mgeladze
    Physician Anesthesiologist-Resuscitator
    Joe Ann Medical Center

It should be noted that using this platform, on April 26, at the initiative of the Medicine School of the Georgian National University SEU, an online panel discussion was held on the topic: "Management of COVID 19 in Intensive Care".

Due to the importance of the topic, regular meetings with this platform have been planned.