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Online Conference "Women's Rights and Challenges in Georgia"

05 December

On December 5, 2020, the Faculty of Law of the Georgian National University SEU will host a student scientific-online conference dedicated to Human Rights Day: "Women's Rights and Challenges in Georgia"

The conference will be held on December 5, 2020, in the online platform zoom mode.

Students of all higher education institutions in Georgia, of any educational level can participate in the conference. And attending the conference is free for all listeners.

From 13 November to 23 November SEU announces acceptance of conference papers.

The topic of the conference report should be related to one of the following issues:

  • The socio-economic problem as a factor in violence against women and ethnic minorities;
  • The problem of access to education as a provocative factor of gender-based violence;
  • The problem of early marriage;
  • Gipsy women and girls face violence in Georgia;
  • Gender stereotypes in Georgia and their impact on domestic violence in the minority community;
  • What difficulties and obstacles do women face when publicizing the facts of domestic violence?
  • Difficulties in detecting cases of sexual harassment in public spaces;
  • Legislative regulation of femicide and the current situation in Georgia;
  • Electronic supervision as a new tool for protection against violence against women;
  • Difficulties in investigating and prosecuting women and domestic violence cases;
  • Tools for protection against women and domestic violence and their effectiveness;
  • The state of violence against women and domestic violence in a pandemic. 

To register for the conference, you need to send us a fully completed application Form with an abstract of paper.

Abstracts of conference papers will be accepted from 13 November to 23 November at the email:

In the subject field of the e-mail, please indicate "Conference 05.12.2020"

After the submission of the relevant abstract, the conference topics will be selected based on the relevance and topicality of the topics.

The decision about the applicant's participation in the conference will be made by the Conference Board. Information on participation in the conference will be announced to students on November 26, and the agenda will be announced on December 2. You will receive information at the e-mail address specified during registration.

Students participating in the conference will be awarded certificates.

Application Form