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Profession journalist

21 December

From the 21st to the 26th of December Georgian National University SEU invites its students and graduates to an online training week entitled "Profession- Journalist".

An online training week is organized in collaboration with the SEU journalism program and the career development and alumni relations department.

The week aims to raise the awareness of students and graduates regarding the current trends and challenges in the field of journalism, professional standards, and practical skills relevant to working in the media industry.

Under the framework of the online training week, speakers will cover topics such as:

  • Media ethics & standards
  • Crisis and disaster coverage
  • Georgian sports journalism
  • Coverage of Children's Issues in Media
  • The impact of modern technology on broadcast journalists
  1. Topic: "Sports Journalism" 
  • Genesis and important aspects of the development stages of Georgian sports journalism.


Time & Date: 21.12.2020 - 14.00

Speaker: Vaja Danelia - Invited Lecturer at SEU, sports journalist; doctor of social sciences in the field of journalism, honored Sports figure of Georgia, laureate of awards of Sergey Meskhi, Nodar Gugushvili, and the National Olympic Committee.

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  1. Topic: “Open data resources”

What is open data? how does it differ from closed information? Availability and usage of the information. 

Time & Date: 22.12.2020 13:00 PM

Speaker: Rusudan Machaidze - Senior Analyst at Transparency International - Georgia, Associate Professor at SEU.

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  1. Topic: "What are the challenges faced by broadcast journalists in the era of modern technologies?

Time & Date: 23.12.2020 - 13.00 PM

Speaker: Tinatin Macharashvili - PhD in mass communications,  assistant professor. at Georgian National University SEU.

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  1. Topic: “"What is culture, text, how do cultural traditions, modern themes, and interpretation are related to each other?"

Time & Date: 24.12.2020 - 13.00 PM

Speaker: Khatuna Chanishvili - Invited Lecturer at SEU, Associate Professor, TV journalist.

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  1. Topic:Coverage of Children's Issues in Media” - The aim of the lecture is to raise awareness regarding the role of media in child protection.

Time & Date: 25.12.2020 - 13.00 PM

Speaker: Nino Cherkezishvili Assistant Professor at SEU, PhD in the field of science, Journalist.

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  1. Topic: "Coverage of crisis situations" - the training will address issues such as:
  • The role of media in crisis situations
  • On what should media focus during the times of conflict, crisis and natural disasters?
  • What ethical standards should media follow?
  • What ethical standards should the media adhere to?

Time & Date: 26.12.2020 Saturday - 16.00 PM

Speaker: Tamar Narindoshvili - PhD in mass communications, invited lecturer at SEU, Producer of the TV show entitled "First Line".

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If you wish to attend an online meeting, please register using the form below:

Registered individuals will receive the link for the online meeting to the indicated numbers 2 hours before the start of the event. The meeting will be held using the licensed premium version of Zoom

For further information please feel free to contact the career development and alumni relations department.

Telephone: 2 90 00 00 (27)