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Essay competition for students regarding the personal data protection

25 May

All undergraduate and graduate students of all higher education institutions in Georgia can participate in the competition.

Students should prepare an essay on one of the topics from the following list:

  • Protection of personal data and access to public information;
  • Processing of personal data by media outlets;
  • Modern data security challenges;
  • Processing of personal data by mobile applications;
  • Processing of personal data by face recognition systems;
  • Protection of personal data in labour relations;
  • Protection of personal data during video surveillance;

In the first stage, the contestants will be evaluated according to the abstracts prepared on the selected topic.

Abstracts, in the form of the relevant application, will be accepted from 14 to 31 May by the following e-mail: Email:

Abstracts will be evaluated based on the relevance of the topic, the importance and relevance of the content. Information regarding the results of the abstract assessment will be communicated to students upon the expiration of the abstract submission period. In case of a positive answer, students will be given an additional period to prepare a full essay and will also be informed about the rules and standards of thesis. Contestants will be assisted in the preparation of completed essays by the service's personal data protection ambassadors.

  • Conference topics will be selected based on the following criteria:
  • Compliance with the theme/purpose of the competition;
  • Reasoning, argumentation;
  • Essay structure;
  • Innovation/creative approach;
  • Adherence to language norms and academic standards. 

The papers will be evaluated by a bilateral commission composed of representatives of the State Inspector's Office and the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI).

According to the results of the competition:

  • The best essays will be selected, with the authors of which a conference will be held;
  • After the conference, 3 winners will be revealed;

Prizes will be awarded to conference participants and winners;

  • Essays presented at the conference will be published in an online journal.

All the information related to the date of the conference and the competition, in general, will be sent to the e-mail provided by them in the application form.