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Competition for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

16 September

The Agrarian Issues Committee of the Parliament of Georgia, together with the Embassy of the Netherlands, the non-governmental organization CENN and the Forest Product Association, is announcing a competition for undergraduate and graduate students within the framework of the Rural Enterprise Development Project.

We would like to express our desire to cooperate with you in order to facilitate the involvement of each interested student in our project. We are sharing our project application link with you and kindly ask all universities to provide your students with the information about the competition through the information sources available to you.

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Under the project, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Get acquainted with the potential of non-timber forest resources in Georgia with the help of experts and mentors;
  • Find beneficiaries and develop business plan concepts with them for the ideas of their particular interest to be tailored to current start-up programs and grants;
  • Attend a training session on green economy at Abmassadori Kachreti Resort;
  • Study the issues of sustainable collection, production and marketing of non-timber forest products;
  • Present their concepts at a high-level meeting and gain the status of the best;
  • Cooperate with representatives of the organizations implementing state and international development programs;
  • Gain experience for professional development;
  • Discuss opportunities with universities to link their undergraduate or graduate thesis concepts with future internship chances.

Contact person: Tinatin Odilavadze


Tel: + 995 555 005 156