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Online Public Lecture Series - Development of International Tourism

29 November

On 29 November, 6 and 13 December, Miguel Cambas, Professor at Alcala University (Spain) and Visiting Lecturer at SEU, will deliver public lectures to SEU students on International Tourism Development strategies. Lectures are conducted by the support of Spanish culture and language centre Iberia.

  • 29 November, 3:00 pm - Modern Tourism Strategies
  • 6 December, 3:00 pm - Tourism Observatory
  • 13 December, 3:00 pm - Wine tourism in the homeland of wine

Miguel Kamba holds a PhD in Economics and Business from Alcala University. Master of Business Administration (MBA) Professor of Tourism Management at Alkali University. Miguel is the author of over 40 scientific papers in economics and healthcare. Is a business management expert. In different years he was Secretary-General of the Guadalajara Business Confederation, general director of the European Center for Business and Innovation and director of "Ramon y Cajal" and "Virjen de la Candelaria", the largest hospitals in Spain.

The lecture will be held with simultaneous translation into Georgian.

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