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An Open House Event Will Be Held At SEU For The Examinees In The 2022 Unified National Exams

25 March
4:00 pm

On March 25, Georgian National University SEU will host the open house event for the examinees in the 2022 Unified National Exams, administered by the National Assessment and Examinations Center.

The participants will be provided with detailed information about the registration procedures, frequently asked questions, tips for selecting educational programs, etc.

Maia Gabunia, Head of the Department of Examination Management of the National Assessment and Examinations Center, will be answering to the school leavers’ questions.

Time: 16:00

Location: 9 Tsinandali St. Tbilisi, Metro station 300 Aragveli

The participants will also be introduced to SEU undergraduate programs and special offers.

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