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Presentation of the book by a SEU graduate titled the Nature of Psychopathology - What Causes Mental Disorder

04 April
Address: 9 Tsinandali Street, Metro station 300 Aragveli. 4:00 pm

The presentation of the book titled “The Nature of Psychopathology - What Causes Mental Disorder” by Lili Nakani, a graduate of the SEU Bachelor’s program in Psychology, will be held at Georgian National University SEU in April 4, at 16:00.

This is an extensive paper that describes and discusses several types of mental conditions. The bulk of the information presented in the paper is not based on the analysis of the conditions described so far, which in itself implies that it discusses hitherto unknown mental pathologies and the reasons for their development.

An important area in the paper is devoted to the effects of certain chemicals on the human psyche and organism. The study of the causes of drug side effects allows us to fully establish the history of a mental disorder in the future, which hinders the mental development of a person and suppresses the potential for action. These include Down syndrome, autism, extrapyramidal side effects, perversion of attractions, and more.

Lili Nakani should be noted to be currently a young scientist, working psychologist and is actively involved in scientific research.

The book presentation will take place at SEU’s new campus.

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