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Public Lecture on War and Journalism

18 April
2 pm

On April of 18, Georgian National University SEU will host the Public Lecture on “War and Journalism”.


  • Your media environment policy: how it affects your work.
  • Should you ally yourself with a particular side?
  • Truth: is he the first victim of war?
  • Psychology: the “front line” of modern warfare.
  • War and your responsibilities as a reporter.

Paul Bell is leading specialist in strategic communications, politics and the fight against violent extremism from the UK. At a time when South Africa was embracing democratic values, he first served as a political journalist, and later, as an editor at Cape Town’s largest publication.

Paul Bell later joined Bell Pottinger, London’s largest geopolitical consulting firm. Bell Pottinger has been an adviser to government, political and business leaders in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and some 30 countries. During the Iraq War, Paul Bell founded the largest and most effective counter-propaganda unit for the US military and soon became CEO of Bell Pottinger.

For the last three years, Paul Bell has been living and working in Georgia, leading the development of strategies for various international projects. In February, he worked in Ukraine on a campaign for the country’s territorial defense forces.

He writes on strategic communications and regional policy for NATO publications. He also delivers lectures at the Department of War Studies at King’s College London.

Time: 2 PM

Working Language: English/Georgian

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