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The Presentation of the Book Titled “The Rights of Ethnic and Religious Minorities”

21 July
5:00 pm

On July 21, the presentation of the book titled “The Rights of Ethnic and Religious Minorities” by Tamar Avaliani, Associate Professor at SEU, will be held at Georgian National University SEU.

Elevating the rights of minorities to the constitutional level involves special respect for them, not only by the state, but also by the entire society, including the educational institution.

The research carried out by Tamar Avaliani derives from the diversity of minority rights and serves not only academic and scientific purposes, but also raising the awareness of the young generation and students, as well as strengthening their civic self-awareness. On the other hand, it expresses the responsibility of Georgian National University SEU to support the development of tolerance in society through teaching and research and to be constantly involved in important public processes.