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22 December

Great initiative by the SEU student self-government! Become a Santa and hold up the St. Nazar Lezhava Foundation and the Lazareti Elderly Nursing Home.

16 December
5 p.m 9 Tsinandali Street, Metro Station 300 Aragveli.

On December 16, a public lecture on "Loss of Consciousness - Syncope: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Modern Methods of Treatment – Cardioneuroablation" will be held at SEU, organized by our affiliated clinic "American Hospital Tbilisi".

16 December
3 p.m

On December 16, Mr. Davit Putkaradze, the Chairman of the Notary Chamber of Georgia, will pay a visit to Georgian National University SEU, organized by the Faculty of Law.

15 December
5:00 p.m

On December 15, 2022 at 17:00, at the Georgian National University SEU, a research presentation will be held on the topic: "Peculiarities of the pathogenesis of vasomotor rhinitis and the effectiveness of treatment with antihistamines in patients with and without COVID-19".

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