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A Business Law Symposium has been held!

22 May, 2021

On May 22, Georgian National University SEU organized a Business Law Symposium “Business Legal Environment Allowed by Recent and Planned Legislative Changes” within the framework of the Business Law Research Development Project.

The symposium was opened by Ana Pirtskhalashvili, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research of SEU and Tengiz Taktakishvili, Head of the SEU Bachelor of Management Program.

The meeting was moderated by Goderdzi Buchashvili, Vice-Rector for Administrative Affairs of SEU.

The invited experts discussed recent and planned legislative changes that will have a significant impact on the formation of the business legal environment.

The following topics were discussed at the symposium:

Business Disputes and Alternative Dispute Resolution

  •  Irakli Kandashvili, Chairman of the Georgian Association of Mediators;
  •  Jaba Gvelebiani, Member of the Board of Georgian Association of Arbitrators;

Organic Law of Georgia on Labor Safety

  • Beka Peradze, Chief Labor Inspector;
  • Raisa Liparteliani, Deputy Chairman of the Georgian Trade Unions;

Amendments to the Labor Code of Georgia - Important News for Business

  • Nikoloz Abutidze, Chairman of the Legal Committee of the Georgian Employers' Association;
  • Lika Klimiashvili, Head of the Labor and Employment Policy and Collective Labor Disputes Division of the Policy Department of the Ministry of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia;

New Law of Georgia on Entrepreneurs, New Legal Reality, Challenges and Opportunities for Business

Giorgi Giguashvili, Private Law Coordinator of the Legislative Group of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Parliament of Georgia;

New Law of Georgia on Rehabilitation and Collective Satisfaction of Creditors, New Legal Reality, Challenges and Opportunities for Business.

The symposium live coverage can be viewed on the SEU Facebook page.