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To the attention of candidates for the Master’s program at Georgian National University SEU

13 September, 2022

Georgian National University SEU announces admission to the following master’s educational programs for the 2022-2023 academic year:

  • Law
  • Human Resource Management
  • Banking
  • Education Administration
  • Social Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Business Administration

SEU offers a special system of financial benefits to the master’s program enrollees. See the link:

Deadlines for submitting the documents:

The acceptance of documents for enrolling in the SEU master’s program will be effective from August 30th to September 28th, 2022, in two stages:

Stage one: August 30-14, 2022;

Stage two: September-September 28, 2022.

Registration will be extended to the second stage in case of vacant places left, following the completion of the first stage.

List of documents to be submitted:

The SEU master's program candidates must submit the following documentation:

  • A) Application to the Rector (to be filled out on the spot);
  • B) ID card (copy);
  • C) Original or notarized copy of the document certifying the bachelor’s degree or equivalent academic degree (it is allowed to present the notice issued by the institution regarding the awarding of the bachelor’s academic degree for a temporary/reasonable period);
  • D) Copy of the military registration document (only for persons subject to military registration in accordance with the law);
  • E) Electronic version of the photograph (3X4);
  • F) Exam extract of the General Master's Exams (printed from the website:;
  • G) Results of the General Master’s Exams (printed from the website:;
  • H) International certificate confirming the language competence (B2 level) in a foreign language (if any).

Internal University Exams

Exams will be held in parallel with the registration process on any day of the master's degree candidate’s convenience from 10:00 to 20:30 at the SEU Exam Center.

The university master’s exam will include:

  • Examination in specialty
  • Examination in the English language

The minimum competency threshold for each exam is 51%.

Master’s degree candidates who have successfully passed the internal exams (overcoming the minimum competence threshold) are sent a message on behalf of SEU and/or the list is published on the website (with personal data protection) within three days following the completion of the exams.

Following the announcement of the internal exams results, the master’s degree candidate is entitled to appeal the results within three days after the announcement.

After completing the appeal procedures, the list of successfully admitted master’s candidates will be published, who, based on the results of the General Master’s Examination and the SUE internal exams, have obtained the right to continue their studies on the relevant master’s educational program of SEU.

Enrollment in the master’s program will be approved by a unified act of the rector to be issued on the basis of the arrangement document compiled in accordance to the results of the General Master's Exams and the SEU internal exams, following the conclusion of the contract with the master’s program candidate.

A master’s degree candidate, who does not sign the contract, will fail to be enrolled in SEU and the vacant place will be taken by the next candidate according to the number of points accumulated in the arrangement document.

Documents will be accepted on Monday-Friday (except weekends) at 10:00-19:00, at the following address: # 17 Tsinandali Street, Tbilisi, (Metro Station 300 Aragveli), SEU New Campus, first floor.