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Scholarship-holder student gets awarded

30 December, 2020

Lia Gigauri, First Deputy State Minister of Reconciliation and Civic Equality, awarded the Dimitri Gulia and Kosta Khetagurov certificates to the top scholarship-holder students from the occupied territories.

Guranda Macharashvili (from the occupied Tskhinvali region), a student of Georgian National University SEU, became a scholarship holder of 2020. In addition to the scholarship, Mr. Gia Kavtelishvili, Rector of Georgian National University SEU, presented a Notebook Lenovo V15 (15.6 Inch) 2020 brand laptop and SEU grant in the amount of 2960 GEL.

Guranda was hosted by SEU Rector Mr. Gia Kavtelishvili and Vice Rector Mr. Goderdzi Buchashvili on the new SEU campus.