SEU - Georgian National University

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The Faculty of Business and Technology

Each of the SEU Business Management Faculty is developed according to the standards of modern education and challenges. The Business Faculty incorporates 5 basic specialty bachelor programs.

Each program aims to prepare a competent professional with relevant education, that will have developed important skills for challenges of contemporary labor market based on the theoretical knowledge and the latest achievements of the governing sphere Within the competence of the Bachelor.

The Faculty of Law

SEU Faculty of Law implements the Undergraduate Program, which aims to prepare qualified specialist with legal value.

The program aims to prepare a competent professional with a fundamental knowledge required for the field. The program is topical, specially developed for new academic disciplines and problem-based learning.

The Faculty of Social Sciences

The programs of the Faculty of Social Sciences are designed to take into account the modern and current challenges of the labor market and provide students with an academic degree with the following specialities:

Each program is oriented for a student to get the fundamental knowledge of the major speciality. Also, in compliance with their individual interest, the student has an opportunity to study interesting subfields in the selective blocks according to their speciality.

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