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Study process

Course-Choosing process


The student is entitled to choose the courses provided by its educational program, the lecturer of the course and the study time according to the university academic calendar.

For transparency, the student can get acquainted with the educational program and/or compulsory/elective/ free learning courses on the individual page of the studying process management system.

During the academic registration, the student can change the choice, change the time of studying courses, group and lecturer. Besides, the requirement for registration of each course is the existence of vacant seats in the relevant group (in case of achieving the studying  group limit, new students registration in the relevant group will not be considered.)

After the completion of the academic registration period, In case of cancelling the selected course, the student will not be given the cost of the relevant study course back.

After completion of the academic registration period, the student doesn’t choose the course in time, and can only be registered for the study course for the group/subjects whose students' limits are not filled.

Studying courses, and concentration programs are selected through the learning process management system.

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