SEU - Georgian National University

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Study process



University's academic courses include one midterm and final exam.

The share of the midterm exam in total assessment is 20%

The share of  final exam evaluation of student - 40%

The final exam is mandatory.

A student will be allowed to the final examinations, in case of having no less than 18 points in midterm assessments.


Competence level - is the minimum result that student should show in midterm and final assessments.

Competence level is equal to 30%. The result below the competence limit is not considered a positive assessment.


The additional examination will be granted to the student who has received at least 41 points as a result of midterm and final evaluations. The assessment received in additional exams, changes and will not be added to the final examination.

The student has the right to pass the exam in the same semester. The interval between the final and the additional examination must be no less than 5 days after the results of the relevant test results.

The individual exam criteria are based on the specificity of the subject, is in the syllabus of training courses.


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