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Study process



After graduating from the Master's Educational Program, the student completes the master's thesis component, which includes working on master's thesis in the last semester of the Master's degree and at the end of the semester - public presentation of the work.


Working on my Master's thesis includes:

A. Master's thesis title agreement

B. Composing Master's Thesis and Research Plan

C. Consulting with supervisor

D. Independent implementation of the research

E. Independent work with literature, scientific and other sources

F. The first defence of a master's thesis

G Evaluation by the supervisor of the primary version of the master's thesis

H. Controlling the plagiarism of the thesis

I. Review the master's thesis

J. Public defence of the Master's thesis


The topic of the Master's Thesis should be related to the actual but not the broadest problem in which the Master Candidate should be able to show originality.
The theme of the Master's Thesis should match the relevant academic directions for the master's degree program and the possibility of the available scientific-technical bases should be taken into consideration while choosing the topic.
After selecting the topic of the Master's thesis, the Master's candidate will present a Master's Degree Plan during the period suggested by a supervisor, based on which the Master's candidate and supervisor will jointly design a master's thesis working plan.

To preserve the standards of academic honesty
While working on a Master's thesis, the Master's candidate is obliged to follow the norms of academic honesty.

The number of plagiarism identified in the work as a result of the examination of the anti-plagiarism should not exceed 15%.


Implementation of research and protection of ethics

The master candidate carries out independent research, with literature and scientific bases, elaborates research results and prepares the textual part of the work.

In conducting independent research, the Master candidate is obliged to follow the principles of scientific ethics, personal data protection and information reliability and objectivity, to use the information obtained only for scientific research purposes, to spread and publish information only in a generalized form.
In the master's work, the master must demonstrate that under the supervision of the supervisor, he conducted independent research, was able to process the problematic topic with scientific methods and conveyed the results with convincing arguments.


During the evaluation of the research paper, attention is paid to the following components:
A. The novelty of the research topic, the practical value of the selected topic

B. The quality of research conducted, research methods and direction
Compliance with the problem

C. Selected material, primary sources, scientific literature

D. The argumentation of conclusion based on the conducted research

E. Language and style of the work, text stylistic and grammatical ordering

F. The quality of the paper's work, the correctness of the bibliography

G. Ability to present topic, answer questions

Master's thesis is evaluated simultaneously, one of the following estimates:
A. excellent (summa cum laude) - excellent work;

B. Very good (magna cum laude) - the outcome that exceeds the requirements above;

C. good (cum laude) - the outcome that exceeds the demands;

D. Average (bene) - The average level of work that meets the basic requirements;
E. Satisfactory (rite) - the outcome, which, despite the shortcomings, still satisfies the requirements;

F. unsatisfactory (insufficient) unsatisfactory work level that does not satisfy the requirements set out due to significant shortcomings in it;

G. Sub insufficient (sub-Omni canon) - the outcome that does not satisfy the requirements set out.

In the case of an unsatisfactory assessment, the master will present the work according to the existing rule.
In case of a totally unsatisfactory assessment, the student is obliged to perform the other Master's thesis in the next semester.

Separate stages of working on a master's thesis are determined under the instructions of the University Master's work.

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