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BA Program Of Law



The SEU Law Enrollment Program aims to prepare a professional lawyer equipped with modern, qualified and competent skills to teach him the legal methods such as the solution of the case, preparation of legal documents and participation in the judicial process, to independently solve the legal problems and communicate Ability. To Develop professional ethics and the ability to pursue legal values. As a result of the organization of teaching, learning purposes and special approaches, the SEU BA degree program represents the establishment of fundamental, basic legal education and the opening of knowledge to various disciplines, which are the main assets for a modern, qualified


One of the most important specialities in the modern education system of modern and civilized states is the law and the existence of a legal school is of utmost importance to the state. The reason here is clear and simple - the foundation of a legal state is a strong civil society that recognizes the fundamental rights and freedoms of human rights in its supreme value. State and citizens constantly need to study interdependence, to balance, to set up a number of restrictions, to recognize and secure freedoms. The undergraduate program presented is relevant in several directions: Especially for this program has been developed a completely new discipline in the form of a speciality-curricular course - Introduction to Sport Law, Cultural Heritage Law, Agrarian and Food Safety Law etc. It is a special emphasis on the method of teaching, such as the problem-based learning that involves several methods and enables students to develop practical skills for practising practical activities other than the ability to work independently of the problem solved in different fields of law. The program includes a mandatory component in the form of professional ethics course dropped out within the legal clinic of the University space, headed by experienced practising lawyers. The academic and invited staff are involved in the implementation of the program, some of which have a legal education in leading universities in Europe and the United States, have carried out research and are still engaged in practical activities.

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