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Bachelor Program Of Law



Bachelor's law program aims to:

• provide a broad theoretical knowledge of the basic features of the national legal system, the essence of law, principles and institutions, as well as general principles, worths and values of law;

• provide extensive knowledge in the field of public, private, criminal and international law;

• develop the ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, make decisions on legal issues, substantiate decisions, work on legal documents;

• develop the ability to elaborate a thesis on the solution of a legal problem in the field of public, private, criminal and international law on the basis of a multifaceted vision and analysis, substantiate the selected approach and formulate an appropriate conclusion;

• develop the skills of following and finding necessary information, legislative changes, case law, scientific updates in native and / or foreign languages, renewing knowledge and learning, as well as the ability to
communicate orally and in writing using the legal terminology on the information found;

• Develop the ability to pursue justice, human rights, social and democratic values, professional ethics and legal values while practicing law.


Graduate of the Program in Law of Georgian National University SEU describes:

  • The essence, signs, functions, basic principles of law and their significance for the formation of the legal system, legal systems, methods and stages of legal regulation, methods of interpretation,
    structure and types of legal norm, main features, principles and institutions of the Georgian legal system, elements of legal relations, stages of application of the norm of law, historical sources of
    Georgian law.

  • Basic principles of state organization and peculiarities of the national model, issues of local self-government, basic human rights and freedoms, principles of administrative law, forms of
    activity of administrative bodies and types of administrative proceedings, stages and peculiarities of constitutional and administrative proceedings.

  • Private law system, civil law concepts, commodity law system and principles, contractual and legal relations, family and inheritance legal relations, national mechanisms for protection of
    entrepreneurial freedom and labor rights, as well as stages of civil proceedings and peculiarities.

  • The essence and principles of criminal law, the essence and types of crime, the peculiarities of criminal responsibility, the system of punishment, the basic principles, stages and peculiarities
    of criminal proceedings.

  • The system of international law, the basic principles and institutions of international public law, the peculiarities of international legal responsibilities, the relationship between international
    and national law.


The causes of legal disputes and ways to resolve them through legal means.


Graduate of the Georgian National University SEU Program in Law:

• Identifies existing problems in the field of law based on the acquired knowledge and develops ways to solve them using the latest methods.

• Prepares legal documents;

• Analyzes and uses the norms of law to carry out legal actions;

• Develops dispute resolution strategies and tactics in accordance with ethical norms;

• Analyzes problems in the field of law, develops ways to solve them, forms reasoned conclusions, discusses with specialists and non-specialists orally and in writing, in native and / or foreign language; Develops dispute resolution strategies and tactics based on ethical norms.

• Seeks legal sources, legislative changes, case law, and scientific news.

Responsibility and autonomy:

Graduate of the Georgian National University SEU Program in Law:

• Participates in the legal process in accordance with legal values and within the norms of ethical and professional conduct of a lawyer, respects human rights;

• Conducts development-oriented activities for oneself and others, adhering to the basic principles of individual and team work;

• Demonstrates the ability to renew knowledge through the principle of lifelong learning.


Prerequisites and procedures for admission to the Bachelor’s Program in Law are in accordance with current legislation, laid out in the regulatory framework for the study process, posted on the website, and available to all interested parties.

Citizens of Georgia with a full general education certificate are eligible for enrollment in the education program of Bachelor in Law based on the results of the Unified National Examinations.

Admission/enrollment of students in the University without passing the Unified National Examinations is allowed in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia (Law of Georgia on Higher Education, Article 52).

After obtaining the status of a student, a person is obliged to submit to the University a document certifying full general or equivalent education, and a person subject to military registration in accordance with the law is obliged to present a document certifying military registration.

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Bachelor Program Of Law

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