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International Relations



The SEU International Relations Program aims at preparing high-level international relations, public officials, politically educated, socially sensitive and active citizens. To teach to the students, the main trends and approaches in the theory of international relations, including the latest trends in the theory of international relations. Create an idea about international policy aspects and security issues. To develop the ability to analyze, evaluate, and analyze the current processes in the field of international relations and diplomacy; Essentially solving the problems in the field of international relations, reasoning and argumentation skills. Develop skills of justice, human rights, social and democratic values. Ability to protect justice, social and democratic values in practical activities in the field of international relations. To study the mechanisms of legal regulation of the work of diplomatic and consular services; To help student develop native and foreign languages skills (English, Russian, German, French) to find information and also develop communication skills in any form; Within the framework of the program students will prepare the bachelor's work, in which the theoretical knowledge obtained in the field of international relations will be reflected.

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International Relations