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MA Program in Education Management



This program aims of preparing education experts, managers, quality assurance service personnel, education policy researchers and experts, that will be equipped with the modern, relevant, international (Western) standard view of education and the practical skills of education system development.

The goal of the program is to prepare graduates, who will be ready for professional realization of themselves in modern education field and will have internationalization of the challenges faced by modern education: globalization of labor markets, the need for synthesis of theory and practice, introduction of innovative educational technologies, introducing complex and interdisciplinary themes in education, establishing vision-oriented views in the country's educational system, maximizing the concept of conceptual issues and trends in the field.

The concept of the program implies the synthesis of education and modern, leadership based management activities, along with the pedagogical and psychological aspects of education, which in turn determines of preparation a professional, equipped with highly versatile knowledge. The program structure allows students to meet the challenges of the educational organization as much as possible. These challenges are related to the development of intellectual capital of the educational institution, optimization of management and economic activity, the introduction of modern methodological standards and management style that promotes enhancing of quality assurance systems, which leads to the innovation in the educational system.

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MA Program in Education Management