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MA Program for Banking



The purpose of the Master's Program in Banking is in line with the mission of Georgian National University SEU, which aims to prepare a specialist with practical skills in the national and international labour market, which is focused on the growing practical needs and requirements of the modern financial and credit environment.

• The student will be able to perfect the theoretical knowledge required for the banking and financial sector and apply it in practice;

• The student will act as a reliable and independent credit expert in the process of formation and development of the bank / credit organization strategy;

• According to research and decision-making skills, the student will be able to independently identify problems and generate new original ways to solve them effectively;

• In the professional and academic field, on the basis of critical analysis of complex or incomplete information, the student will be able to confirm the decisions and results obtained.



• Describes thoroughly the basic concepts related to the management of the banking sector;

• Critically analyzes complex or incomplete information in the financial and credit spheres, evaluates information by innovative methods and draws his/her own reasoned conclusions, which will reflect the social and ethical responsibilities of the banking sector.

• Identifies deficiencies in the banking sector and identifies prevention measures;

• Determines what types of actions lead to instability in the banking and credit sector, disparities, decreased liquidity and solvency, increased risks;

• Describes how and why the banking regulations are changing and the impact of these regulations on the activity of the credit-banking system;

• Uses modern concepts of banking to identify problems in the credit and banking sector and generate new ways of solving them;

• By using original methods independently conducts research to analyze specific current situations in the banking sector, taking into account the best practice of business research;

• Based on a critical analysis, synthesis and evaluation of existing information offers different banking strategies for specific credit transactions;

• Uses theoretical knowledge gained in banking to adapt to credit;

• Uses practical competencies in banking to form and implement practical approaches in the field of credit system management.


A person with at least a Bachelor's degree or an equivalent academic degree has the right to study on a Master's degree program in Banking on the basis of the Unified National Examinations for Master’s Degree/international exams, internal/external mobility or without passing the Unified National Examinations for Master’s Degree in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia. Additional requirements for admission to the Master's program at SEU are: Internal university examinations in the specialty and foreign language (B2 level).

Level B2 can be attested by an English Language proficiency certificate (TOEFL, British Council and Cambridge University English Language Certificate, etc.) It is allowed to study without passing the Unified National Examinations for Master’s Degree in the following cases:

• For Master's degree candidates who have received a document certifying the academic degree of higher education in a foreign country;

• For foreign nationals (except for students participating in the joint program) who are studying/have studied and have received credits/qualifications in a foreign country for the Master's degree of a higher education institution recognized in accordance with the legislation of that country;

• For Georgian citizens (other than students participating in a joint program/exchange programs) who are studying/have studied and received credits/qualifications in a foreign country, at a higher education institution recognized in accordance with the legislation of that country and acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia;

• For Master's degree candidates who have enrolled at higher education institutions without passing the Unified National Examinations;

• For foreign nationals who have obtained the right to continue their education in a higher education institution of Georgia before the enactment of the Law of Georgia on Higher Education and have a document certifying higher education issued by the state of Georgia.

• The higher education institution is obliged to conduct an interview to determine the language proficiency of the program for persons without passing the Unified Master's Exam and to ensure that the video recording of the interview is available to the Ministry.

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MA Program for Banking

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