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MA Program for Banking


The aim of the program

The Master's Degree in Banking is designed to prepare for the growing demands and needs of the contemporary financial environment, with a competitive, labor-market-oriented staff with deep and systematic knowledge of the financial areas (banking, insurance business, etc.) and the skills to apply them in practice. The aspirations and desires of student, will be concerned during the study process, international tendencies of development financial market and industry and a specific of our country. Problem-based learning will enable students to become a modern-day financiers who can decide to develop and creatively from their workplace, and apply the knowledge gained at a teaching university. One of the main objectives of the program is to maximize student to practice, both through internships in public and private sector organizations and through various forms of active collaboration with professional circles. To this end, the program, along with other activities in the program, provides for relations with representatives of the financial sector.

Topicality of the program

The role of the financial sector in the country's economic development and public welfare is widely recognized. In recent years, the share of the Georgian financial sector in the country's economy (with a leading role in the banking system) has been steadily growing. Accordingly, there is a growing demand for highly qualified financial professionals from public services and private law entities (commercial banks, insurers, investment banking firms, asset management companies, investment companies, mutual funds, microfinance organizations, leasing companies, etc.).

General Information

MA Program for Banking