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Electronic booking order

The book can be ordered for home use electronically.

For the use in University space, you should address to the librarian in the reading room.

You will receive a notification email via within one working day about If you have access to the book, whether it is possible to use at home, for how long you can use the book.

For electronic booking, please complete the form. Please write the author and title of the book in the language you want to read it.

Form to be filled



The library offers readers an inter-library service that implies to bring the books that are not part of our library reserves from other donor libraries.

To use inter-library service you have to fill the electronic form in order to order the book.

We fill the book's data in the language we want to read. (Book title; author).

The fetched book can be used as well as at the University Reading Hall also for taking to home. (Depending on the category of the ordered book).

The reader has the right to order no more than 5 books within the inter-library Service simultaneously.

Form to be filled

The reader will receive information on the availability of the book and the relevant material within no more than 3 working days.



The library provides readers with an electronic and printed form, which implies a unified, compiled collection of compulsory scientific literature for the course, where will be collected materials that are not available in the library.

For doing this, Head of the Course / Lecturer: fills the form and gives necessary materials to the library in printed or in electronic form in order to make the reader. (Book, periodical publication, electronic resources, etc.)

For the purpose of keeping copyright rules, it should be taken into consideration that you can use a maximum 40% off from each studying material. Electronic materials can be provided at e-mail, and in case of the printed material you should hand over in the library.

To create a reader, please fill out the fields below.

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If you have any questions about the library you can send an email  at

We will provide you with an information on the issues you want timely.