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The journal recognizes and respects the rules of academic and scientific ethics.

The journal ensures the avoidance of conflicts of interest during the editing process.

Authors are required to follow the rules of ethics, including proper reference to the author(s), proper use of sources, exclusion of falsification and fabrication, proper reference to the persons involved in the development of the work, respect for personal data and other issues.

The journal welcomes and encourages the review and critique of published papers on the academic or social platform.

In case of a violation found in the paper(s) published in the journal, any person has the right to contact the editorial board of the journal through e-mail: [email protected] and request a study of the issue and appropriate response. The editorial board is obliged to consider all such applications within a reasonable time and notify the applicant of a reasoned answer. The author(s) are given the opportunity to submit their own explanation of the application. In case of confirmation of the violation, the editorial board makes a decision on the response.

The journal is authorized to make changes to the withdrawal of the paper. The decision is made by the editorial board. The next issue of the publication should reflect the relevant decision with proper argumentation.

Prohibition of plagiarism

Plagiarism in papers published in the journal is not allowed, the author(s) must ensure accurate and correct indication of the source of information given in the paper.

All papers submitted for publication in the journal will be screened in a special plagiarism program of “Turnitin”. Matchings detected by the program are individually evaluated by the editor and its accuracy is determined. Typically, the original text of the paper should make up at least 90 percent of the article. Depending on the field of the article, there may be more citations available in the text.

If the program detects a match, the author will be notified of the plagiarism detection and will be required to provide an explanation and correction. If the author refuses to comment, the paper will not be considered for publication. If the author's explanation indicates a sincere error, or the cause of the matching is the inexperience of the researcher, the editorial board is authorized to set a reasonable time limit for the author, not more than 5 working days, to correct the error.

If the editorial request is not considered, the paper will not be published in the journal. In case of unreasonable refusal to request an explanation and/or change, the editor and/or the editorial board reserves the right to refuse to publish future works submitted by the relevant author(s).

In case of plagiarism by a third party in the published paper, the discoverer is entitled to contact the editorial board of the journal by e-mail: [email protected] and request an investigation of the fact, as well as an extract from the plagiarism program. If plagiarism is confirmed, information about plagiarism will be posted in the next issue of the journal and the editor and/or editorial board reserves the right to refuse to publish future papers submitted by the plagiarism exerting author(s).

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