SEU - Georgian National University

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Selection of papers to be published in the Georgian national university SEU journal is based on:

  • Open competition (call for papers);
  • Special rule (the rule of publishing an honorary work);

The editorial board decides on the issue of holding an open competition (hereinafter referred to as competition) for the selection of articles.

The competition is announced through the SEU website and the university social pages. It is allowed to spread information about the competition through Internet resources or other channels.

The participants of the competition must submit the work defined by this document in compliance with the relevant requirements.

In the case of the originality of the work, its publication or transfer of the exclusive right to the very work, the contestants must submit an electronic or hard copy together with the article under the copyright protection standards.

Prospective papers are received at: [email protected];

The submitted paper must meet the standards required by the journal.

Prior to the publication of the submitted work, the author must confirm its originality in writing or electronically, and in case of publication, provide the transfer of the exclusive right to the very work.

Resolving the issue of publication of the paper

If the paper has technical deficiencies and does not meet the standard required by the university, the author will be notified and given a reasonable period of time (not more than 7 days) to rectify the deficiencies.

Received papers undergo the antiplagiarism software test. If the paper does not meet the said test and is found to have violated the rules of academic ethics, the response will be in accordance with Article 14 of this Regulation.


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