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The aim of the Master's program in Clinical Psychology is to prepare a specialist with an academic degree in clinical psychology that meets modern requirements, who will carry out clinical intervention and psychoconsultation process within his / her competence:

• prepare a specialist who will have in-depth knowledge in the field of mental health;

• Introduce deeply and systematically the current theoretical and practical approaches in the field of clinical psychology and psychoconsultation;

• To teach the methodology of intervention based on holistic principles and biopsychosocial model;

• Develop skills in information analysis in the field of science, application of evidence-based principles and knowledge, and sharing their own practice in the field of clinical psychology, exchanging views in professional discussions;

• to establish the value of carrying out high professional activities in compliance with the principles of human rights, ethics and norms of professional conduct.


In obtaining the academic degree of Master of Clinical Psychology, the student deeply and systematically:

• Analyzes human behavior from the position of various theories of personality;

• Discusses the main directions and objectives of mental health policy and strategy;

• Describes the main forms of mental and behavioral disorders and their principles of diagnosis, classification and management;

• Describes and explains the basic psych diagnostic methods, the principles of their selection, interprets the obtained results;

• Explains mental disorders, prophylactic, therapeutic and rehabilitation methods, and analyzes the principles of ethical standards of psychological counseling;

• Analyzes the role of different brain systems in human behavior;

• Selects and uses valid tools, both in conducting research and in evaluating the individual, working with the client and the beneficiary group;

• Evaluates his / her own practice in the field of clinical psychology, participates in professional discussions to share his / her own practice, and studies in the context of differences of opinion;

• Plans and implements both individual and group psychological counseling and crisis intervention based on clinical interviews according to high professional standards to improve the mental health of the individual;

• Plans and implements public awareness activities, advocates for the need for mental health services in the local community.


A person with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology or an equivalent degree, or a person with a psychiatrist qualification is eligible to study in the Master's program in Clinical Psychology in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia. Additional requirements for admission to the Master’s program at SEU include internal university examinations in specialty and English (B2 level). Level B2 can be attested by an English language proficiency document (TOEFL, British Council and Cambridge University English language certificates, etc.)

Admission without passing the General Master's Exams is allowed to:

• Master's degree candidates, who have received a document certifying the academic degree of higher education in a foreign country;

• Foreign nationals (except for students participating in a joint higher education program), who are studying / have studied and received credits / qualifications in a Master's degree at a higher education institution recognized in accordance with the legislation of that country;

• Citizens of Georgia (except for students participating in the joint higher education program and students participating in the exchange education program), who live / have lived, study / have studied and received credits / qualifications for higher education recognized in accordance with the legislation of this country.

• Master's degree candidates enrolled in a higher education institution without passing the Unified National Examinations;

• Foreign citizens, who have obtained the right to continue their studies in a higher education institution of Georgia before the enactment of the Law of Georgia on Higher Education and have a document certifying higher education issued by the state in Georgia.

• The higher education institution is obliged to conduct an interview to determine the language proficiency of the program for persons without passing the General Master's Exams and to ensure that the video recording of the interview is available to the Ministry.

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