SEU - Georgian National University

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The Faculty of Social Sciences of Georgian National University SEU is focused on preparing competitive specialists in journalism, international relations, psychology, social psychology, and clinical psychology. The Faculty of Social Sciences, in the process of teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels, takes into account international standards and the experience of international universities.

The faculty offers students exchange programs, internships, opportunities to participate in scientific student conferences and trainings, designed to help them develop important professional skills in parallel with their studies. Students are involved in research activities, thus contributing to the development of the University's interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary research.

Both Georgian and English literature is used in the teaching process, which is in line with the requirements of the labor market. Practicing lecturers use modern and innovative methods, which makes the teaching process more interesting and develops the student's ability in the field of social, psychology, international relations, analysis of current events, and processes.

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