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student's club

Club of psychology

The main goals of the Club:

  • Encouraging the students of the Psychology Program to identify themselves with the profession;
  • Arranging various events to make student life fun for students;
  • In addition to receiving theoretical information, engaging into practical exercises;
  • Developing the needed skills for group work for students majoring in Psychology;
  • Raising the quality and prestige of the Club's public recognition.

The activities of the Club:

  • Holding thematic meetings of professors, teachers and student psychologists;
  • Disseminating information about the Club's activities and planned events;
  • Arranging student discussions around different areas of Psychology under the guidance of experienced and competent narrow specialists;
  • Organizing evenings (anniversaries) dedicated to Georgian and foreign scientists, who have made a great contribution to the development of the science of Psychology;
  • Cooperating with the Psychology students, professors, and narrow specialists (both SEU academic staff and professionals outside the university) to lead a variety of activities.

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