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European Integration Research Center


Article 1. General provisions

  • European Integration Research Center (hereinafter – the Center) is the scientific and research structural unit of the Georgian National University SEU (hereinafter – the University).
  • The Center shall conduct its activities according to these Regulations, which are approved by the rector of the University.
  • The changes and additions shall be made to the Regulations of the Center by the Order of the rector of the University.
  • The Center unifies the professors of the Faculties of Law, Business and Technologies and Social Sciences working at the University, which conduct sectoral, interdisciplinary or comparative studies with regard to the European integration of Georgia.

Article 2. Goals of the Center

2.1. The goals of the Center are:

2.1.1. Conducting of scientific studies on the European Integration, as the legal, economic, social and historical event;

  • Conducting of the studies related to the European issues on the basis of interdisciplinary vision;
  • Conducting of the scientific studies on the issues related to Europe, problems of practice and the issues that are topical in society;
  • Conducting of the studies on the European Integration of Georgia, in terms of the EU-Georgian Association Agreement and other strategic legal documents.
  • Generalization of the study outcomes, preparation of proposals and their demonstration before the scientific-academic circles for discussion (in the format of conferences, symposiums and other public discussions);


3.1. Main directions of the Center’s activities are:

  • Implementation of interdisciplinary and sectoral research projects, based on both – university and external funds;
  • Equal participation of young and experienced researchers in the research activities;
  • Spreading and availability of the research outcomes, for university students and for other interested parties;
  • Introduction of the research outcomes in various study disciplines and their implementation.


  • In order to achieve the goals indicated in the Article 2 of these Regulations the Center shall:
  • Cooperate with state authorities, non-governmental, international organizations and research institutions;
  • Cooperate with foreign study and research institutions;
  • Participate in national and international projects, or implement them itself. Periodically conduct international and national conferences, seminars and workshops intended for the demonstration of the research outcomes of the institution.
  • The Center shall conduct research within the framework of the thematic research project.


Article 5. The structure of the Center

5.1.1. The Center consists of the head of the Center (director), the coordinator, researchers and the heads of sectoral research groups (if such exist);

5.1.2. The activities of the Center are administered by the director of the Center;

5.1.3. Sectoral research groups may be created within the Center, which will be administered by the head of the sectoral workgroup;

5.1.4. Scientific activities of the Center are administered by the scientific council of the Center.


Article 6. Head of the Center (director)

6.1. The Center is headed by its director, which is appointed and dismissed by the rector of the University.

6.2. The head of the Center may receive remuneration. The amount and conditions of remuneration shall be determined by the agreement executed with him/her.

6.3. Director of the Center:

6.3.1. Organizes the activities of the Center, administers the scientific activities of the Center together with the scientific council of the Center;

6.3.2. Submits main scientific directions to the scientific council for approval;

6.3.3. Organizes the financing of the scientific projects, their material and technical support;

6.3.4. Facilitates the development of the scientific contacts of the Center with Georgian and foreign scientific and educational institutions and other types of organizations;

6.3.5. Organizes publishing of scientific studies;

6.3.6. Conducts external and internal representation of the Center, based on respective power of attorney.


Article 7. Head of the sectoral research group of the Center

7.1. The Center may have the head of the sectoral research group with respective qualification, in various sectoral directions.

7.2. Head of the sectoral research group:

7.2.1. supervises the work of the researchers of the respective field;

7.2.2. develops new research initiatives and submits them to the head of the Center and to the Scientific Council of the Center for reviewing;

7.2.3. presents the opinion of the sectoral research group upon conducting the interdisciplinary work;

7.2.4. ensures the involvement of new personnel in the studies conducted within the Center.

Article 8. Scientific personnel of the Center

8.1. For the purposes of these regulations, the scientific personnel of the Center imply the academic personnel of the University and the researchers, who do not hold academic positions at the University.

Article 9. Scientific council of the Center

9.1. Upon the proposal of the Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, the rector of the University shall approve the composition of the scientific council, its members may include the director of the Center, the heads of the sectoral research groups of the Center. The academic personnel and/or researcher working in other scientific and educational institution may also be the member of the scientific council.

9.2. The head of the Center shall administer the activities of the scientific council of the Center.

9.3. The scientific council shall review and resolve the issues of scientific management and development of the Center, namely, it shall:

9.3.1. review and resolve plans for scientific research works;

9.3.2. review the issues of cooperation with other scientific institutions and various organizations;

9.3.3. hear and review the reports of activities of individual researchers;

9.3.4. review the issues of international scientific cooperation of the institute, during the implementation of the joint projects with scientific institutions of foreign countries;

9.3.5. hears and reviews the reports of the personnel of the institute on the scientific missions abroad;

9.3.6. establishes the issues of appropriateness of the integration of study outcomes into the learning process;

9.3.7. is authorized regarding all those issues, which are related to the scientific activities and operation of the Center.

9.4. The meetings of the Scientific Council of the Center are administered by the head of the Center.

9.5. The Scientific Council of the Center shall be duly constituted, if it is attended by the majority of the members of the Council. The decision of the Council shall be considered adopted, if it is supported by more than a half of the attending members of the Council. The Council shall resolve the issue via open ballot, unless the necessity to render the decision via secret ballot is established;

9.6. Respective minutes shall be drawn up on the meeting of the Scientific Council, which shall be signed by the head and the secretary of the meeting.

9.7. The coordinator of the Center shall be the secretary of the Scientific Council.

Article 10. Coordinator of the Center

10.1. The coordinator of the Center shall:

10.1.1. coordinate the work performed by the Center, ensure the organizational and technical support of the projects implemented by the Center or with its support;

10.1.2. initiate new projects and search for the information necessary for their implementation, its processing and submission to the director of the Center;

10.2. the coordinator of the Center shall be accountable to the director of the Center.

10.3. the coordinator of the Center shall be appointed and dismissed by the rector, based on the proposal of the director of the Center.

Article 11. Researcher of the Center

11.1. Both academic and invited personnel may serve as a researcher of the Center, who shall participate in the implementation of the project (projects) determined under the plan of the Center. The researcher of the Center shall have academic and scientific freedom. He/she shall be authorized to:

11.1.1. determine the content, methods and means of scientific research independently;

11.1.2. participate in the competitions raising funds and in other events;

11.1.3. conduct any type of activities, which is relevant/related to the fulfilment of the objectives of the Center.

Article 12. Termination of the operation of the Center

The operation of the Center may be terminated at any time under the reasoned decision of the Scientific Council or the rector of the University.

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