SEU - Georgian National University

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Study process



Student's activity (student’s work-load) includes:

  • Attending classes
  • Working in a work team
  • Practical/laboratory studies
  • Practice
  • Individual studying
  • Preparation and passing exams;
  •  Working on Bachelor’s and Master’s work and their defence

 The student's working load on each component of its academic activity is calculated by the amount of the time spent to perform this work - with credit.

The credit represents the number of workers needed to complete a certain component and achieve learning outcomes and includes both the student's contact hours spent in the learning environment as well as student's independent working hours.

1 credit is 25 astronomical hour. Credits are distributed among all components of the educational program. The annual amount of credits is determined by 60 credits. Student’s annual load is allowed to be over 60 credit or less 60 credit but no more than 75 credit.

Student’s full (contact and independent) working load is not more than 50 academic hours.

If a student will not fulfil the credits in the schedule of educational programs, the student is entitled to continue his / her further studies in additional the semester/semesters for the purpose to get a qualification, to master the components defined by the program, in accordance with the preconditions established for the relevant course.

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