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Study process


The student's working assessment with  a certain ratio envisages:

  • Mid-term assessments
  • Final exams

Final exams are mandatory at University.

Assessment criteria are depending on the specificity of the subject and are defined in the syllabus of training courses.

Credits can only be obtained after the student achieves the learning outcomes planned by the student with the syllabus, which is expressed by one of the positive assessments in this learning component.

The maximum evaluation of all studying courses/component is 100 points. A positive assessment is considered to be 51 and more points.


  • (A) Excellent - 91% and more of maximum evaluation;
  • (B) Very good - 81-90% of maximum evaluation;
  • (C) Good - 71-80% of  maximum evaluation;
  • (D) satisfactory - 61-70% of maximum assessment;
  • (E) enough - 51-60% of maximum assessment;


(FX) Didn’t pass- 41-50 % of maximum evaluation which means that student needs working harder for passing and is entitled to pass an exam one more time by working independently. The student is entitled to pass the exam in the same semester. The interval between the final and the additional exam should be no less than 10 days.

(F) Failed- 40 % and less of maximum evaluation which means that the work done by the student is not enough and he has to learn the subject from the beginning.


The total assessment is 100 point maximum

Weekly activity-Project-Presentation-Midterm and Final exam

3*14=42       5+5=10     18points 30 points



The results of the course of study conducted by the student will be considered as achieved in both components of the assessment - in case of overcoming the competence limit in mid-term and final assessments.


In electronic form, the exam is conducted in a specially designed room with a computer, where the relevant subject tests should be answered by the student.

In electronic form, only one student should be seated with each computer.

The results of the electronic exam are reported to the student immediately after the test completion.


The written exam is conducted in the examination auditorium or examination centre. Information about the auditorium is delivered to the student electronically through the time-table in its study program.

During written exam, only one student should be seated with each computer.

Students will be given instruction on the exam rules.

The exam time will be calculated after the students are given instruction on the rules of examination. 

Results of the written exam will be delivered to the students 2 days later;


The student is obliged to:

  • appear before the appointed time;
  • To keep silence and order;
  • Perform the test according to the announced instruction;
  • leave the audience quietly after finishing the examination

During the exam, the student is prohibited from:

  • Leaving the auditorium
  • Using a mobile phone
  • Using notes
  • Chatting
  • Exchange information
  • In case of violation of the rules of the exam, the student will be removed from the exam.


A student who disagrees with assessment got in the exam,  is entitled to appeal the result  no later than the second day after the official publication of the results and apply with  a substantiated complaint to the Dean and require revision of the results;

The complaint shall be reviewed and made by a decision committee based on the submission of the Dean.

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