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Diplomats Club

The Goals of the Diplomacy Club are:

  • To help students in the realization of their interests and skills by means of implementation of diverse activities;
  • To raise their professional awareness and promote their career success;
  • To build in them positive emotions and loyalty towards the university and towards each other. 

Directions of club’s activities:

  • Organization of public lectures, meetings, seminars, conferences, film exhibitions, debates, process simulations, various cognitive and/or entertainment events, which will promote raising of awareness in terms of the benefit gained in the process of integration of our country into the European area and other important international relations and their importance;
  • Creation of sustainable environment for democratic thinking and informing;
  • Promotion of student initiatives (including students from ethnic minorities) and their participation in various projects and events; 
  • Popularization of the club’s name and increasing of its prestige;
  • Establishing and deepening contacts with various youth/student clubs with similar interests/goals.

Chairperson of the SEU Diplomacy Club: