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About SEU


Georgian National University SEU is one of the most distinguished universities in the higher education space of our country with a history of 22 years.
SEU has been focusing on development since its establishment. The University aims to create a university environment in line with international standards, where the synthesis and internationalization of strong theoretical, practical and research components in the learning process will ensure the training of competitive professionals for national and international markets.

In a short period of time, the University has been able to gain trust and popularity in the Georgian educational space with educational programs meeting modern standards and requirements, with the efforts of highly qualified academic staff, effective teaching methods, the introduction of new technologies and innovative approaches, which makes SEU very attractive for students and its graduates' - for employers!

In 2009, SEU was accredited by the National Center for Education Accreditation, and in 2014 SEU underwent re-authorization - which confirms the full compliance of the University with the goals of higher education in Georgia and the European Higher Education Area.

On June 10, 2021, the Council of Authorization of Higher Education Institutions unconditionally granted the authorization to Georgian National University SEU.
The members of the Authorization Council unanimously shared the draft report provided by the Panel of Authorization Experts, based on the SEU Self-Assessment Document and the information obtained by the Panel of Authorization Experts on the compliance of the SEU educational standards with the seven international standards.

At present, SEU has 4 faculties and 22 accredited (undergraduate, Master, single-step) educational programs in business, law, social sciences, tourism and medicine, where up to 11000 students study and up to 500 academic and visiting staff are employed. The University takes care of the elaboration and development of new educational programs in the fields of business technologies, education, public administration and others.

The SEU academic team is staffed by highly qualified, deeply experienced competent professionals who actively use modern literature, technologies, the new teaching methods and motivate students in the teaching/learning process to maximize self-realization.

The University has close partnerships with leading foreign higher education institutions, diplomatic corps and international organizations, therefore, students have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs, joint research projects, training, advanced or retraining programs, etc. At the same time, foreign nationals are getting education at SEU, successful foreign professors, researchers and practicing professionals are involved in the academic process.

SEU is one of the most in-demand universities, as evidenced by the results of the Unified National Examinations and Mobility for 2014-2023. In the Unified National Examinations of 2023, according to the first choice of entrants and the enrollment of students, in the "Top 10" of the most demanded private universities, SEU takes the honourable first place. And according to the competition of all Georgian universities - it is the second, after Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University.

By employment rate of graduates, SEU is among the "Top 5" universities. In order to promote the employment of students and graduates, employment forums are held annually, in which, as a rule, more than 150 successful companies of Georgia are represented.

SEU is located in the historical part of Tbilisi. This side is interesting from the educational and touristic point of view, as well as, convenient for public transport.
In 2007, SEU offered students an impressive academic building that has become a symbol of modern Tbilisi. Since 2018, a new, state-of-the-art and multifunctional campus with accumulated educational and technological resources, training and recreational spaces has been added to SEU, which is a qualitatively different concept and has no analogues. Not only the building is built considering the factor of orientation to students, but also its internal arrangement, which comprehensively corresponds with the goals of teaching and learning, scientific, intellectual and creative activities. Computer areas, consultation rooms, conference and moot court halls, also, lecture halls are equipped with the latest eco-inventory and modern technologies, which vary according to their shape and colour, their functions.

One of the outstanding places in the building is the library, which is situated on two floors and includes all necessary areas for studying and research. A green zone is created in the outer space of the library, where you may spend your free time, rest and have something to eat. Here you can also find a large terrace, from where you can enjoy the wonderful views of Tbilisi. In order to rest, entertain and maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are a swimming pool and sports halls inside the building, where students and personnel members can play football, basketball, rugby, volleyball, tennis and do other activities. You will find lots of other interesting areas in the territory of the campus. Soon, a new dormitory will be built near the building.

SEU has the ambition and all preconditions to be the leading private higher education institution in the region.

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