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Become a Student Tutor

07 January

Student tutors are students with an active status, who ensure warm and friendly environment for students and future students.

The aim of tutors is to promote active participation of students in learning, scientific and creative work of the university and faculties.

Tutorship is regarded as an extracurricular activity of students, at the end of the academic year they will be awarded with certificates and this activity will be included in the Diploma Supplement.

Duties and obligations:

The main function of tutors is to support students in:

  • Academic and professional development;
  • Making a decision in terms of the status of the offered subjects and the sequence of their selection; 
  • Receiving information related to the learning process;

Tutors are obliged to:

  • Participate in the university-based activities; 

Admissions are open in different fields: 

  • Tutor of the Faculty of Business and Technology;
  • Tutor of the Faculty of Social Sciences;
  • Tutor of the Faculty of Law;
  • Tutor of the Faculty of Medicine.

Selection Criteria

  • Active status;
  • High academic performance;
  • At least 1 referee, administrative/academic personnel of SEU (name and surname, position, email and phone number) 

Selection Stages:

I Stage – selection of documents (CV, motivation letter)

II Stage – interview.


  • Good communication skills;
  • Skill of revealing students’ needs and responding to them quickly; 
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English;
  • Self-discipline, orientation to development and advancement;
  • Teamwork skills.

If you are interested, please, register including January 7, 2023 on the following link and upload your CV, Motivation Letter and indicate the referee(s).

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