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Book Translation Program 2021

29 March

The Public Affairs Office of the US Embassy is announcing a competition for a translation program of books by American authors. The goal of the program is to increase financial and physical access to the latest research, textbooks, and contemporary popular literature for Georgian students, researchers, and the general public.

The competition is open to publishing houses and educational institutions. In case of program funding, grants will be awarded within the framework of the book translation project in the following areas:

  • Public Policy / Civic Education: General Public Policy, Cyber ​​Education and Cyber ​​Security, Public Policy on Environment, Agriculture, Health, Education Management.
  • Media: Media Ethics, Media Management, Cyber ​​Education and Cyber ​​Security, Strategic Communication, Mass Communication and other related topics.
  • Law: International Law, Intellectual Property Law, Jury Panel and other related topics.
  • Economics: Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, Management, Economics and other related topics.
  • General Education: Education Management and Administration; Curriculum planning and development; Educational technologies; Special education and education related topics.
  • Fiction writing (considering only listed the topics): Civic Education, Civil Society, Ethnic, Minority and Women Equality, Conflict Resolution, Environment, Freedom of Information, Human Rights, Public Education and Advocacy, Rule of Law.

In the case of textbooks and academic literature, the latest editions must be submitted.

The minimum required circulation is 1,000 pieces. Small circulation can be considered as an exception if the need is justified.

The grant applicant is responsible for obtaining a copyright permit from the owner. After advancing to the finals, the applicant will be required to submit a copyright agreement signed by both parties.

The applicant can submit no more than five (5) applications.

Literature selected for translation should not have already been published in Georgian. The translation must be done from the original language.

The program is implemented on the basis of 50% co-financing. If there is another co-sponsor in the project, the applicant must submit a letter of consent from the relevant organization (indicating the amount and cost category).

In the case of a coalition project, the application must be accompanied by a letter of consent from the relevant partner organization(s), indicating their role and responsibilities in the project.

Application and submission rules:

Deadlines for receiving project applications electronically are:

  • March 29, 2021
  • June 8, 2021

Please send the project application electronically to the following address: and put the title of the program (Book Translation Program) in the subject line. Please note that emails larger than 6 MB and RAR / ZIP documents will not be accepted. The documents should be in Word and PDF formats only. Applications will be accepted only within the specified period. Late applications will not be considered. Preliminary results will be notified to applicants by email no later than 2 months after the end of the application period.

Mandatory documentation (see attached):

  • SF-424
  • SF424A
  • SF424B
  • Completed Application Form (Book Application 2021)
  • Translator CV / Resume (with reference to translation experience and translated works)
  • Copy of communication and/or agreement with the copyright holder
  • Co-financing consent letter (if any)
  • Letter of consent from the partner organization (if any)
  • Program coordination
  • The program is administered by the Public Affairs Office of the US Embassy.

If you have any questions regarding the grant application, please contact the coordinators at the following e-mail address:

Please send the project application electronically to the following address: and put the title of the program (Book Translation Program) in the subject line.