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06 December
11:00 AM

On December 6, at 11:00 am, Georgian National University will host a public lecture titled – The right to energy.

The public lecture will address Energy law, one of the fastest-growing and most evolving fields of law, and the challenges it currently faces. Specifically, the prospects for recognizing the right to energy in both the international and Georgian legislative areas will be discussed. The core of the discussion will be based on the issue of access to energy and its synergies with the principles of sustainable development and equitable energy regulation. For the purpose of comparative legal analysis, the lecture will also consider the connection between the right to energy and the right to water as being a kind of precondition for exercising other fundamental rights and freedoms.

Speaker: Irakli Samkharadze, Associate Professor at SEU, Doctor of Law.

The event will be held at SEU in a hybrid mode, with a simultaneous live broadcast on the SEU official FB page. Only the “green status” holders, fully vaccinated individuals, 72-hour validity PCR test or 24-hour validity antigen test holders, and persons with COVID-19 in the past are eligible for participating in the events onsite.

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