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MEET UP! Micro Projects 2022

15 March

If you take an interest in innovative projects and need a grant, then this project “MEET UP! Micro Projects 2022” seems right for you.

If you are interested in the topics listed below and would like to learn more about how to implement a project with a small budget, then grab this opportunity.

SEU will be providing you with full support at any stage of project preparation.

What topics can my project be about?

  • Human rights;
  • Youth and civic participation;
  • Climate protection;
  • Digitalization;
  • Digital literacy, Democracy and Social Entrepreneurship.

How to apply? We would like to ask you to apply to us in a creative way, be it an application video, photos, presentation or something else. Surprise us.

The main thing is that you show us what you are planning, why the topic is important and how you would like to implement your project, how sustainable your project is and what outcomes you are expecting. In addition, please fill out this mini-form.

The application language is English.

Please hand in your application by 15.03.2022 at Your application should consist of the filled in form AND your creative application (photo, video, collage, presentation etc.)

The micro projects can be implemented between May and November 2022.

For consultation contact at:

If you have any questions, please contact the MEET UP! team: