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Course in Civic Education to School-leavers

10 December

From December 10, the Georgian National University SEU Law Program offers a 2-month free practical course in civic education to school-leavers.

The course aims to raise legal awareness and includes both theoretical and practical components. The course will incorporate team exercises and role-playing games. During the course, the students will learn about the following legal issues:

  • Law and Legal Systems
  • Constitution and Democracy
  • Legislative power
  • Judiciary
  • Basic human rights
  • Civil Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Juvenile rights, etc.

The course will be of particular help to students who are interested in the field of law and are planning to enroll in a law program.

Students of 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade can register for the course.

The duration of the course is 2 month - 1 day a week.

It should be noted that each student will be awarded a certificate.

Address: 9 Tsinandali Street, near metro station 300 Aragveli.

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