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03 Jun, 2019


28 May, 2019

In a specially organized examination space of New SEU Campus! Participation in the exam is free! Testing will take place every day.

17 May, 2019

International Youth HR Summit will be held for the entrants, students and start-up specialists on June 26-30, organized by the SEU Human Resource Management School.

10 April, 2018

Tomorrow, on 11th of April at 3 pm Hall #713 will host public lecture: "DETECTION OF THE HIDDEN PATHOGEN AMONG THE NORMAL GUT MICROBIOME" Microbial community of the human body is responsible for a healthy state of our organism in multiple ways. The “good bacteria” making up this community are generally nonpathogenic. However, not all beneficial bacteria are harmless and their presence in the body may cause inflammatory and cancerous diseases.

20 September, 2017

A Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between Georgian National University Seu and Portuguese Braganca Polytechnic University. SEU’s Bachelor students of the Faculty of Business Management will be given the opportunity to study one semester or one academic year at Braganca Polytechnic University in Santa Apollonia from the second semester of the 2017-2018 academic year. Braganca Polytechnic Institute (IPB) is the University of Applied Sciences of Portugal with 7000 students and 500 lecturers. IPB is successful with international programs and mobilizes more than 900 students and 300 lecturers annually. Today IPB is a multicultural institute where 20% of the students are international students.

16 Jun, 2017

The meeting by Credo Bank representatives will be held in the conference hall (auditorium # 713) on June 19, at 12:00 a.m, where you will be introduced to the existed vacancies of the company. Students will be given the opportunity to submit the application forms for the bank vacancies there.

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