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24 February, 2021

Final Results of Academic Competition

In the field of International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences: For the academic position of Assistant Professor Shota Kakabadze Sophio Gugunava

23 February, 2021

Opportunity for law students of SEU

The first LSGL Virtual LLM Fair invites all ELFA Members' students to participate. The LSGL Virtual LLM Fair aims to connect students directly with the representatives of law schools from 19 different countries and to increase awareness on LLM opportunities all around the world. 

20 February, 2021

Results of the academic competition

Results of the Academic Competition of Georgian National University SEU

19 February, 2021

Internship for young people of ethnic minorities

The Center for Civic Integration and Inter-ethnic Relations (CCIIR) under the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Tolerance, Civic Awareness, and Integration Support Program (PITA), led by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Georgia (UNAG) with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID announces an internship program for ethnic minority youth in the private and non-governmental sectors.

18 February, 2021

Internal mobility

Students who wish to use internal mobility and switch to the program of their choice (within one step), can send an electronic application from their personal page of (e-Chancellery> Create new application> Choose internal mobility) within the given period above.

18 February, 2021

SEU became a member of Crossref

On February 12, 2021, Georgian National University SEU became a member of “Crossref” and thus joined the international publishing community. From now on, the scientific articles published under the university edition will be assigned a unique code - the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), which will help to identify SEU-published scientific papers and articles both nationally and internationally, including to enable the university academic staff to raise awareness in international scientific circles, to make their own scientific papers more accessible and citable, and thus to be better able to integrate into international academic circles.

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