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10 February, 2021

Submitting articles to the international scientific peer-reviewed journal "Social Science Vectors" has begun!

The journal “Vectors of Social Science” is published twice a year. It aims to contribute to the development of social sciences and civil society. The journal allows the academic staff, researchers, and doctoral students of higher education institutions to submit scientific papers in the following areas:

10 February, 2021

SEU has made an unprecedented gift to its freshmen!

Upon the decision of the SEU Rector Gia Kavtelishvili, the freshmen enrolled at SEU in 2020, who had made SEU as their number one choice, were given an unprecedented gift. The state educational grant holders could choose either Notebook Lenovo ThinkBook 15 (15,6”) or 1500 GEL study voucher, while non-grant holder could make a choice between Notebook Lenovo V15 (15,6”) and 1000 GEL study voucher.

Part of the students chose the voucher, so SEU purchased more than 1400 laptops in keeping with the choice made by the majority.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the process of handing over the laptops to students is gradual.

Over a period of three days, SEU representatives organized a non-stop delivery of the laptops to the freshmen living in regions at their home addresses in:


  • Dusheti

Inner Kartli

  • Kaspi
  • Gori
  • Village Tsveri of Kareli region


  • Village Chobiskhevi of Borjomi region
  • Bakuriani


  • Kutaisi
  • Zestaponi
  • Village Dimi of Bagdati region
  • Village Didi Kuthi of Khoni region
  • Village Matkhoji of Khoni region
  • Village Mukhura of Tkibuli region


  • Abasha
  • Senaki
  • Zugdidi
  • Village Oktomberi
  • Village Akhalabastumani
  • Village Kulevi of Khobi region
  • Poti


  • Batumi


  • Village Kvemo Aketi 

SEU is always distinguished with its high social responsibility and caring for students. In addition to gifts, students always receive the utmost support and encouragement from the university to ensure a comfortable and quality learning environment.

04 February, 2021

Creative Spark Big Idea Challenge at SEU!

Be part of International Georgian-British Project at SEUOr do you want to start a company one day?

Do you have an amazing idea?

03 February, 2021

Winning research projects in the grant competition

The winning projects in the scientific grant competition announced by Georgian National University SEU to the university academic staff are:

02 February, 2021

Academic Competition for Medicine

Georgian National University SEU announces open competition for academic positions (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Assistant) in Medicine.

01 February, 2021

Meeting # 1 Successful Alumni Column

An online meeting with SEU Alumni and CEO of HMC-HR & Marketing Company Nazi Janelidze will be organized by SEU Career Development and Alumni Relations Office.

At the meeting, the speaker spoke about her career development and success story. She also presented ongoing vacancies in her company exclusively to SEU students and alumni.

Speaker: Nazi Janelidze - CEO of HMC- HR & Marketing Company and SEU graduate

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